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Current animation reel. Music was written and performed by myself, and mixed by Joseph Marshall. Also featuring Sound Montages by Edwin Hind of Concrete & Green.

Exquisite corpse, as part of an exhibition at Labocine in New York, September 2018.

I made this early in 2018 with Flash, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro. I also made the sound design with help of sound clips from Freesound artists.



   Made in 2017, for the Horniman Museum as part of their exhibition Colour: The Rainbow Revealed.  

   For anyone who remembers the days of the VHS and the countless amounts of trailers one had to get to before the film would actually start... Here is a “meta” trailer for a TV-series lost in time. 

   The music was written and performed by yours truly as an homage to Bowie and T. Rex. The short uses a combination of Flash, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Hornet's Ball


   Three consecutive loops made in for an exhibition at LCC celebrating the Stanley Kubrick Arcive as well as 2001: A Space Odyssey turning 50. Animation students at LCC were given the chance to envision a future technology 50 years from now.

   Arthur C. Clarke, the author of 2001, is widely known to have conceptualised the Satellite prior to the Russian Sputnik. Another idea he had was to build an elevator to space - which would serve to be infinitely more cost-effective than rockets. According to, over a billion dollars is spent on just one rocket being launched. This is a cost an elevator would cut significantly in the long run by its ability to go up and down several times a day after completion.

Beyond 2001: New Horizons


    Fun film made in my first year at LCC. While it is painfully obvious that we ran out of time during the short 2 weeks of production for this film, it is still one of my favourites due to the time spent on research and writing. Furthermore, although it shows I had a lot to learn in early 2017 (still do!) I think it is among my more successful attempts in many respects.

   I would not dream of sending this off to a festival any time soon. However, I am proud to give it a home here.

I Must Remember

(Student short, 2017)

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